Our portfolio highlights a selection of eLearning projects we have developed. The following is just a small excerpt. To see more of what we've been up to with regards to elearning, UX design, mobile design, software training, simulations, animated video development, and training program design, please contact Allison.

Technical Training

My client needed a new solution to cut training costs and not only reach 2,500 employees worldwide, but engage and motivate them to continue learning on their own. I worked closely with their local trainer pool and I designed the concept, storyboard, learner journey, visual design (on brand), responsive design, animated videos and a wide variety of interactions for practice and retention. 


Sales Training - Pharmaceuticals

My client wanted to transform a 2-hour face-to-face trainer-centered seminar into a self-access module for their global salesforce and resellers. Based on the seminar recording and valuable input from their SMEs, I developed a concept, design and storyboard for a 25-minute interactive self-study course.




Product training

Mobile-first training program for onboarding new sales personnel

Game-based learning for product & sales training

Global mobile-first training program for onboarding new sales personnel for a Swiss watch company.

Online English learning

200 modules developed for telc gGmbH with a balanced mix of vocabulary, listening, reading and grammar exercises to supplement face-to-face classes.

Online marketing course

Mobile-first design, self-study with dynamic videos and interactive practice.

Online German program for healthcare professionals

120 modules developed for telc gGmbH tailored for learners of German in the healthcare industry. Focus is on listening and vocabulary practice to supplement face-to-face classes.

English for the automotive industry

Modules aimed at learners of English in the automotive sector to improve language skills and increase performance on-the-job.

English for negotiations

Features the language of negotiating combined with industry-specific expressions for the automotive sector.