Customized eLearning - the lean way

Lean Learning Lab provides digital learning content development, online training program consultancy and eLearning training and workshops to help businesses and people grow. Our focus: quick, targeted and effective learning - exactly what your learners need and when they need it. What we deliver: digital training materials, online courses and eLearning services tailored to your needs, your chosen device(s), your chosen authoring tool and output, your platform (eg LMS), your budget and your timeline.


Why Lean?

"Lean" is all about improving and optimizing business operations while minimizing resources, time and money to do so. In terms of content development, we use a lean approach: 1) to create high quality elearning materials at an affordable price, 2) to ensure optimal knowledge transfer of only what the learners need by eliminating any unnecessary information and keeping the learning nuggets short and sweet. The result: they are more focused and engaged with the materials, and more motivated to continue their learning journey.

Watch a 1-minute overview here:


Our eLearning services at a glance:

  • eLearning content development - either based on your training materials or from scratch by our team of authors and SMEs
  • Training materials content conversion - we turn your existing materials into dynamic and engaging online modules, videos, games, interactions, storytelling, assessments, and more
  • eLearning content development training and workshops for your own in-house learning development team
  • Digital learning & training consultancy from A-Z

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